Friday, September 9, 2016

"Just Saying"

It's hard to get a hard working, handsome man to sit for a
 conversation, never mind to pose for a painting. 
 You just might get a look, such as this one.  Just saying.

A Smile

So, I've been very fortunate to take 2 classes with portrait artist, Paul Leveille.  I can't express how exciting it is to start with a snapshop and then develop a portrait that not only looks like the person but shows that individual's personality.  No names, but I do appreciate this friend sharing his wonderful smile.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Farmer from County Kerry

Donal Corkery, owner of Quininchaquin Farm in County Kerry.
 A very gracious host and owner of a amazing property.
11x14 Pastel

Padraig's Flock

So, in the early spring a shepard bring his flock in so that they can be dipped for  ticks and other bugs and probably treated for parasites.  More than most of us want to know about those fuzzy, cute sheep, but necessary  Perhaps they even get shorn at the same time. Then it's out to pasture and all that green lushness for the summer.       11x14 Pastel

Proud and in Charge

I never realized that ram's horns had so many colors in them.  
As with all of nature there are always hidden surprises that
excite and delight ---- if we just take the time to really observe
and absorb.
9x12  Pastel

LaPrade's Sugarhouse

Another of Westhampton's many sugarhouses.   This one has been around awhile and has been a great hobby for it's owners.  Very picturesque. A pleasure to paint!   12x18 Pastel

Looking for the Light

When it's hot in the summer everyone wants to  go to a beach somewhere, anywhere, and 'cool off'.  I want to go to watch waves and the foam patterns they make when they slide up over the worn sand.  I like to seek out the curves under the waves as they're rolling over and allowing some of that summer light to shine through, for a moment.    9x12 Pastel