Friday, July 7, 2017

Ready to Work

I loved watching this border collie work for her owner as she rounded up sheep smartly and calmly.  I loved seeing her desire, even a need,  to work.  With a little whistle she was going right, left, back and down. 


Sweet Georgia!

Ireland's Bittersweet

Gorse is an invasive species in Ireland.  A pretty flower but you don't want to try to pick a bouquet of it. Very nasty barbs on it.  This is in front of the Skellig Islands.


I can relate to a Carrhart jacket.  It says hard work and a pride in what you do. A fun painting!


A man that looks fine in a hat.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Columbus Day 2016

Well I thought that I had to start a new blog as I couldn't access this one, but thanks
to a good friend who is considerably more computer savvy than I, I'm back on and 
ready to share some new paintings.
Remember last fall, one of those gloriously bright days?  
This is my take on it. 

Friday, September 9, 2016

Yesteryear South Road 1934

Back when the Town of Westhampton had only what one would now call 
small trucks to plow, many roads drifted in and those trucks were unable to 
get through those wind-packed roads. 
So, our forefathers took shovel in hand and volunteered to
 open up the roads.  This painting shows who we believe to be Will Fiske, 
Walter Witherill, "Papa" Church, Robert Church, and Mr. Hickey and one unknown.